About Us

B. B. Banthia Jewellers – A name which recalls trust, value, quality and legacy of purity. Since inception B. B. Banthia Jewellers has offered to its customers variety of beautiful adornments along with a ‘Golden Legacy’.

At B. B. Banthia Jewellers , a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen and traditional ‘karigars’  with a flair to excel in design and quality have created and crafted out the most adoring master pieces, that leave customers spellbound and engrossed.

Designs and crafts varying from contemporary to traditional Indian speaks volumes of variety with quality. The biggest reward and appreciation for B. B. Banthia Jewellers is their loyal customer base and for generations they have been serving with good quality and rich legacy. A deep understanding of culture, tradition and taste have made B. B. Banthia Jewellers a jewel in every Panvelkar’s heart. Every craftwork and product is designed by keeping in mind the customer preference, requirement and taste and every product crafted and designed is a masterpiece in itself.

B. B. Banthia Jewellers is the first hallmark jewellery provider in Panvel and work towards design and delivery of glittering purity embossed with quality. A dedicated sales n service team that is fully equipped with knowledge of current trends & gems/jewellery is always ready to serve you at the highest level of satisfaction. All this is brought in service of the customers by our 4 strong pillars – Shailesh Banthia, Rajesh Banthia, Gaurav Banthia & Vaibhav Banthia

We state that, We truly abide by the principle, IN GOLD WE TRUST‘ .

Our goal lies in leveraging our understanding of the Gold market to offer customers the Right Value for their Gold; in the process, saving them the hassles and the troubles of being short-changed by unscrupulous dealers, money-lenders  and middle-men from the unorganized sector.

Our vision lies in seeing ‘Stree Dhan’ prove true to its every word, heralding a sense of security worth its weight in Gold for families in times of need.

The Management


Our torchbearer Shri Rajesh Banthia took on the mantle of running the B.B Banthia family business  more than 40 years ago and has never looked back since then. Standing in front of him was a future dotted with challenges, to test his resolve geared towards the pursuit of excellence.

Standing firm and transforming them into milestones has been his contribution to B.B. Banthia jewellers’ growth story.

He dons two roles that of a successful businessman and a compassionate philanthropist with seamless ease. He has presided over the affairs of Shri Vardhaman Sthanakvasi Jain Shravak Sangh, Panvel for over a decade and is currently contributing his expertise to the noble endeavours of Shri All India Shwetamber Sthanakwasi Jain Conference as a National Executive Committee Member.


Mr. Gaurav Shailesh Banthia belongs to the vibrant young generation of Indian entrepreneurs who are ushering in a Golden era for the jewellery industry in spite of the current challenges that plague the nation and the world, as a whole. Armed with a background in Commerce and strong Communication skills, he is driving the fortunes of the B. B. Banthia Jewellers brands and lifting it to newer levels of excellence. Achieving the truest form of Customer-Centricity through an effective and evolved CRM process is and will be his contribution to the B. B. Banthia brand ethos.


Armed with an MBA and blessed with a heart of Gold, Mr. Suyog Banthia adds to his brother Gaurav’s dynamism. He lends compassion and acumen to the equation. His forte lies in leveraging the power of technology to facilitate a spirit of ingenuity and innovation in management processes, thereby helping the B. B. Banthia brand to be more customer-friendly in their approach as well as in the minds of its clientele.

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