The Atoot Bandhan scheme

Celebrates the lasting bond of love, care and trust between B.B. Banthia and Customers.

The AB loyalty program membership launched by B.B.Banthia Jewellers, rewards customers with points and exclusive privileges on every purchase made at any of our showrooms.


How the “Atoot Bandhan “between us works

  • You can start earning points from your very first purchase.
  • On every purchase of jewelry, you will gain a fixed number of points.
  • These points can be partially redeemed on your future purchases.

Atoot Bandhan is applicable on the following categories only

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Imitation Jewelry
  • Stone


For Customers to do

  • Customers are requested to read all the terms and conditions in the scheme book thoroughly. The Scheme book comprehensively explains the Atoot Bandhan Loyalty Program that is based on the strong foundation of understanding between them & B. B. Banthia Jewellers. The terms are binding on both parties once the scheme book is signed.
  • Customer copy of scheme book is mandatorily required to be submitted at the time of redemption alongwith the physical presence of the customer.
  • Customers are required to present government authorized ID proof and address proof documents at the time of joining the scheme.
  • The Customer may appoint a nominee at the time of enrolment upon submission of relevant documentation.
However, the decision of the Company shall be final on sufficiency of any document in all such cases above and the same shall be binding upon the claimants.
Suvarnvrudhi Gold Scheme

As the saying goes little drops of water forms mighty ocean, the same way our small savings can buy us the gold ornaments we always desired, and if there is added benefit with it then that would be the icing on the cake.

B.B. Banthia jewellers presents SUVARNAVRUDDHI. Pay installments of `1000 or in multiples of `1000 for 11 months. After receiving your installments of 12 months we will pay one more installment from our side for another one month and you will be able to buy jewellery from the amount saved.

Monthly Installment ₹ 5000
Amount saved after 11 moths ₹ 55000
1 month bonus ₹ 5000
Total amount accumulated ₹ 60000
Now you can easily purchase jewellery from the amount accumulated
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